2017 NSF CAREER Proposal Writing Workshop

2017 NSF CAREER Proposal Writing Workshop

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Online Application

The workshop is limited to 200 participants. Assistant professors in the disciplines that CMMI supports will have priority. If there are spaces left, the workshop will also accept assistant professors in (a) other engineering disciplines, (b) science, and (c) other disciplines that NSF supports. Other factors that might affect the selection include (1) whether the applicant's next CAREER proposal will be submitted to the CMMI division; (2) the number of CAREER proposals that have been submitted by an applicant; and (3) the number of years remaining for the applicant to submit a CAREER proposal. Higher priority will give to those who have previously submitted CAREER proposals and those who are running out of time to do so. Women, underrepresented minorities (African American, Hispanic, American Indian/Alaskan Native), and disabled candidates are encouraged to apply.

Important: Prior to starting the application process online, each applicant should prepare an application document in PDF format. The document must use your email address as part of the document title and use the following naming format: youremail.pdf. EXAMPLE: If my email address is bradley@ksu.edu, I must name my document bradley@ksu.edu.pdf.  

This application document must contain the following information in the following order:

1) One-page Project Summary of your CAREER Proposal. Followed by:

2) Your NSF style Biosketch that meets NSF requirements - see the NSF Grant Program Guidelines document.

Failure to follow directions will decrease your probability of being invited to attend the workshop.

There are TWO STEPS to complete your application. Step 1: Complete the form below. Step 2: Upload your application document as one single file in the PDF format on next page.

Step 1: Please complete the form below and press the submit button.

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Additional Questiones
(1) How many times have you already submitted CAREER proposals?
(2) Will you submit your next CAREER proposal to CMMI? Yes No
(3) Are you from the underrepresented group: women, underrepresented minorities (African American, Hispanic, American Indian / Alaska Native), and disabled candidates? Yes No
(4) Are you willing to share your CAREER proposal for the mock review at the workshop? Yes No
(5) How many years do you have until you must apply for tenure?
(6) Have you previously submitted proposals to NSF as PI? Yes No
(7) Have you served on an NSF review panel? Yes No
(8) Have you applied for but been waitlisted for the CAREER proposal writing workshop? Yes No
(9) Have you attended this workshop before? Yes No