2009 NSF CAREER Proposal Writing Workshop


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Application and Cost

This workshop is limited to 150 participants. Assistant professors in the disciplines that CMMI supports will have the first priority. If there are spaces left, the workshop will also accept assistant professors in (a) other engineering disciplines, (2) science, and (3) other disciplines that NSF supports. Priority will also be given to women, minority and disabled candidates. Other factors that might affect the selection include (1) the number of CAREER proposals that have been submitted by an applicant; and (2) whether the applicant’s next CAREER proposal will be submitted to CMMI division.

If you are interested in attending the workshop, please complete the application form (in the MS Word format or the PDF format) and email it to career@ksu.edu by November 10, 2008.

NSF has provided valuable funding for the workshop. There are no registration fees to attend the workshop. Workshop attendees are responsible for their travel and lodging arrangements and expenses.